Built’s uniqueness and credibility in its valuation services is based on our construction industry specialization and extensive transaction knowledge.

The expertise needed to appropriately value companies in one industry can significantly differ from the expertise needed to value companies in another industry.

Having your company valued by a firm with an intimate knowledge of the industry helps to ensure that the value derived is reasonable, fair, and defensible for the purpose intended.

In the process of performing the valuation, Built’s appraisers commonly offer their advice on ways to enhance the operational and financial aspects of your business based on their experience and expertise in the construction industry.

Even if an appraisal firm is highly capable from a technical standpoint, they may come up with a value that is too high or too low because they do not have a strong working knowledge of the industry and the acquisition transactions that take place in it.

This is often the case within the engineering and construction (E&C) industry, as the appraisal methods commonly used by non-industry specific appraisers are difficult to apply to E&C firms because of the unique characteristics of businesses in this industry.
E&C valuation & appraisal services

Representative Valuation Experience *

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Built’s professionals have completed hundreds of valuation engagements for a variety of purposes, and for a wide range of engineering and construction business types and sizes. A sampling of our business valuation experience includes:

  • $2M Building Product Manufacturer for estate tax filing  

  • $10M Construction Program Management Firm for sale feasibility

  • $20M Building Product Distributor for sale feasibility

  • $25M Construction Materials Manufacturer for shareholder redemption

  • $30M Electrical Contractor for ESOP transactions  

  • $30M Interiors General Contractor for acquisition and purchase price allocation

  • $35M Roofing Contractor for estate tax filing  

  • $35M Drywall Contractor for sale       feasibility  

  • $65M Civil Engineer / Contractor for goodwill impairment  

  • $70M Architecture & Civil Engineering Firm for ESOP transactions  

  • $100M Commercial General Contractor for divorce  

  • $180M Mechanical Contractor for ownership transition planning  

  • $200M Commercial General Contractor for ESOP transaction fairness opinion  

  • $200M Energy Services Engineering Firm for strategic planning  

  • $200M Heavy Civil Contractor for       internal stock transactions  

  • $200M Mechanical Contractor for stock redemption  

  • $300M Industrial Contractor for legal dispute  

  • $400M Concrete Contractor for tax       planning  

  • $700M Commercial General Contractor for profit sharing plan  

* Due to confidentiality agreements, Built cannot disclose the names of the companies involved.