Continuity planning helps you develop and achieve your vision

That vision has multiple components

Financial icon - Built Valuation can help you realize the value developed.
  • How do you realize the value developed?
  • What structure works best and how long is the transition going to take?
Roles and responsibilities icon - Built Valuations can help determine how your role has changed.
Roles & responsibilities
  • How does your role change?
  • How do you go about transitioning your knowledge and relationships?
Legacy icon - Built Valuations can help shape how you will be remembered.
  • How will you be remembered?
  • What values and structure will you leave behind?

Failure to plan has an enormous risk

Loss of Value icon - Built Valuations can help navigate uncertainty.
  • Uncertainty
  • Talent leaves
  • Deterioration of performance
Sad icon - Built Valuations can help navigate the next steps when you feel trapped in the business.
  • Forced to work beyond desired retirement or
  • Forced to liquidate or sell/transfer business at a reduced value
Loss of Value icon - Built Valuations can help with remedying brand deterioration.
  • Diminished legacy and reputation
Built’s professionals will guide you through the maze of developing an effective ownership transfer plan based on the unique circumstances and profile of your business. We bring to the table nearly two decades of experience in providing guidance around the options, terms, and solutions proven effective in the construction industry.

Process Overview

Develop understanding of the prevailing circumstances surrounding the business

  • Review corporate structure and pertinent organizational charts
  • Review current ownership structure, including shareholder agreements and individual shareholder profiles (i.e., ages, roles &responsibilities, etc.)
  • Review financial statements and conduct analysis of the businesses’ financial performance and condition

Supplement understanding through interviews with key members of management

  • Discuss the businesses’ ownership plan and structure
  • Gain historical perspective and understanding, including insights of individual shareholders
  • Flush out various objectives and potential issues
  • Explore acceptable parameters
  • Discuss strategy and outlook
  • Develop understanding around growth expectations and possibilities
  • Develop understanding of depth and breadth of organization

Develop financial models designed to illustrate and test potential continuity plans

  • Models intended to function as a planning tool for purposes of exploring the impacts and relationships among a variety off actors
  • Participants
  • Funding mechanism(s)
  • Financial performance
  • Distributions and bonuses
  • Capital requirements
  • Repurchase obligations
  • Other potential cash flow impacts
  • Various iterations of the financial models reviewed with appropriate personnel

Deliver findings of the critical issues and timing elements associated with executing continuity plan

  • Built will provide guidance around options, terms, and solutions based on its transaction knowledge and construction industry expertise
  • Including guidance around valuation and deal structure based on the businesses’ historical financial performance, forecasted outlook, and other quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Findings will be supported by financial models illustrating the potential impacts and issues associated with pursuing various scenarios

Ensure that all critical issues impacting a plan are surfaced amongst plan participants, and to drive towards plan consensus

  • Built accomplishes this through a combination of active listening, plan documentation, and by offering advice and counsel as to market standard terms and conditions

Encapsulate and memorialize the businesses’ continuity plan

  • With the help of your attorney and accountant, the plan is documented through buy-sell agreements, shareholders’ agreements, and other materials
  • Built’s role is to ensure that plan documents correspond to stated intentions and again to drive the planning process towards conclusion

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